Booster Expands On-Demand Fuel Service to Seattle

Booster Fuels

Booster announced it has started gas routes in Seattle, Wash. The company launches the market with new, local customers including Advanced Government Services, Century Link, and Monarch.

Current customers have also expanded Booster service to their Seattle fleets including Traffic Management Inc. and Imperfect Produce. Seattle is the first market the company has launched since its $56 million series C funding round in June.

“Seattle holds a special place in Booster history. It was after sitting in line at a gas station on Capitol Hill one rainy day that I was inspired to create Booster,” said Frank Mycroft, CEO, Booster. “We’ve delivered over two million tanks of gas safely and sustainably. It’s exciting to see how much we’ve accomplished, and we’re just getting started. We believe a gas station that is mobile and comes to consumers and fleets is the future.”

Booster has secured all the required permits and regulatory licenses to deliver gas and diesel in Seattle and the surrounding towns of Lakewood, Snohomish County (unincorporated areas), Auburn, Marysville, Mukilteo, Des Moines and Everett, Wash. Additional areas are in the process of being added.

“It’s a great day for all of us at Booster as we change the way energy is being delivered by bringing the gas station to fleets and consumers,” said Joseph Okpaku, Chief Policy Officer, Booster. “Our goal at Booster is to improve operational efficiency for hundreds of business partners by bringing fuel and routine maintenance services directly to vehicles as often as they need it.”

As it does in all markets, Booster will adhere to operational restrictions such as damming off drainage areas, staying a certain distance from buildings and always laying down mats under every vehicle to catch any fuel drips in Seattle. Now with Seattle and its outlying cities, Booster has procured regulatory clearance to operate in more than 50 cities in five states.

“By working carefully with the Seattle fire department and their regulatory organizations, as well as fire marshals from over a dozen local area jurisdictions, we have succeeded in receiving the required multiple permits,” continued Okpaku. “Our success in Seattle proves that we have built a strong foundation of regulatory understanding, which our entire company – starting with the service professionals operating our tankers, and even the engineering of our tankers – carefully follows.”

Booster’s modern, mobile approach to fueling significantly reduces road congestion, CO₂ emissions, and protects community land and water from the negative effects of underground storage tanks. In total, the company has prevented the release of 2.2 million pounds of CO₂ – the equivalent of planting 175,000 trees – by eliminating travel associated with going to get gas, everyday gas station spills and the need for underground gas station storage tanks.

A Booster survey of fleet professionals across the country found that on average, each fleet fill up takes an additional 20 minutes, and 60 percent of drivers add at least two miles to their routes. These costs add up, and that is without any of the additional issues associated with overtime pay or vehicle wear and tear that may arise. Booster’s mobile fuel delivery service can save fleets up to $1,500 per vehicle per year.

Since launching in 2015, Booster’s proprietary purple mini tanker has delivered more than 20 million gallons of fuel and works with more than 350 fleet customers in 20 cities across California and Texas and now, Seattle, Wash. To learn more about Booster, visit

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